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Got A Favorite Food Truck Burger?

Okay, I see Nashville Lifestyles and the Nashville Scene doing their best of the best articles.  And they are awesome.  The problem is that the food trucks get overlooked (sometimes).  When you are looking at the whole food landscape in Nashville, there are just so many amazing places serving amazing food that most people will tend to vote for their favorite sit-down restaurant.  Is the food truck food just as good?  Perhaps, but when the votes come out for these polls, unless it is specifically a food truck category, the food trucks, well, they get looked over.

So here on NashvilleFoodTruckJunkie.com, we are going to crown our favorites from the food trucks!!!

Here is how it will work, over the course of the next several months, I will post asking for your favorites in a specific category.  You can leave a comment here on the blog, send me a tweet at @FTJ_Julie, or leave a comment on our Facebook Page!  I will take the top 5 most commented and create a poll for the top 5.  Winner chosen by popular vote!!!

Our first category?  FAVORITE FOOD TRUCK BURGER!!!

I will take all nominations from now until NEXT Friday, April 18th at noon.

Have a favorite food truck burger?  Aaaaaaand GO!!!

P.S. Food Trucks, this will be your week to get your burger hopefuls out to the public on your truck!!!

-FTJ Julie

One comment on “Got A Favorite Food Truck Burger?

  1. My favorite is the Red, White, and Blue from Hoss… It is sooooo good and I look forward to it being back year round

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