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Retro Sno Presents #RetroTurns2 “Name That Truck”

There will be another blog post early next week that will have even more amazing details about some things that Retro Sno has in the ice maker at the moment, but today we are happy to help get the word out about Retro Sno’s 2nd truck!

Yep!  You heard that right, Razz is getting a sibling truck!  But Elizabeth and Morgan do not yet have a name for the new truck.  So they are asking us, the fine creative folks in Nashville, to help name the new truck!!!

So here’s the details on the Name That Truck Twitter Competition:

1. Tweet Names out to @RetroSno using the hashtag: #RetroTurns2

2. If they pick your suggested name, you win a Retro Sno Season Pass.  What is that you ask?  It’s a snoball a day for the rest of the season!!!  A SNOBALL A DAY…  FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON!!!!

So get creative!  Get your ideas to Retro Sno and make sure you use the hashtag #RetroTurns2!!!

Pencil this in, but on May 3rd, Retro Sno will be having a 2nd Birthday Party at Centennial Park in conjunction with Musician’s Corner.  Again, I will have all the specifics next week!!!

#RetroTurns2 <— Aaaaand GO!

-FTJ Julie

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