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What A 2 Years It’s Been!

On May 24th, 2012, I started up this little idea I had about a food truck blog.  Two years later, the blog has now spawned a book which will be released next month on June 17th.

I cannot believe all the wonderful things that have happened in the last 2 years and all the wonderful people I have met.  I have made so many friends.  People who would not have been in my life without this blog, but people who I am truly blessed to know and call my friends.

The food trucks have also made my professional life better since I started scheduling them to come serve on our properties.  Our tenants are so happy that I get weekly feedback from people requesting trucks or letting me know that they loved the truck that was there and to try to schedule it again soon.  And minus one incident, my boss is finally seeing the benefit of the food trucks as tenant relations.  It’s also a little selfish of me.  I bring the food trucks close to me so that I can eat from them!  But making the tenants happy on the side is also a plus!  Ha!

While I sometimes struggle with being able to keep up with the locations page as much as I want, I still love and have a passion for the Nashville food truck scene.  As long as I have this passion, I will continue to run this blog.  And seeing as I love food, I don’t see this train stopping anytime soon!

I’m so excited that the book is coming out so close to the 2 year birthday for NashvilleFoodTruckJunkie.com.  What a way to celebrate.  I hope that you all will come out to one of the book signing events that we have scheduled.  We will have small bites from the trucks and many of the food truck owners will be present so you can actually get a chance to chat with them outside the truck as well!

Here is the current schedule for book signing events:

Saturday, July 12 – 2 PM – Parnassus Books: 3900 Hillsboro Pike – Doughworks, Biscuit Love, and The Rolling Feast will all be providing some samples.  We will also do a Q & A as well.  You can go HERE to view more information on the event and to pre-order a copy of the book.

Saturday, July 26 – 1 PM – Barnes & Noble Cool Springs: 1701 Mallory Lane

Thursday, August 21 – 5 – 8 PM – Picture This Gallery “Third Thursday Event”: 4674 Lebanon Pike – I am so honored to be the featured artist for the month of August.  I will be signing books and we will have food truck bites at this event as well.  When we get those trucks lined up, we will let you know!

I owe a huge thanks not only to all the food truck owners who allowed me into their lives for an hour or two to meet with me, but to all of Middle Tennessee.  Without your visits to the food trucks, these last 2 years might not have happened.  If you don’t get as excited about food trucks as you have these last 2 years, well, there’s no reason for this blog.  But luckily, Nashville supports small local business.  And food trucks are definitely small and local.  Thank you for making the food truck scene in Nashville be one of the most attractive food trucks scenes in the nation!

I’m planning on some exciting stuff over the next year, doing inaugural “Best Ofs”, doing gift certificate give aways, Oh, and we WILL be giving away a copy or two of the book!!!  So make sure to stay tuned!

We will be celebrating our 2nd birthday by going to the HUGE food truck event at Centennial Park in conjunction with Musician’s Corner tomorrow.  Nearly 30 food trucks in one place?  Just go!  We’ll see you there!!!  Happy Food Trucking!!!!

As I always like to say: Make sure to try something new and I’ll see you at the trucks!!!!

-FTJ Julie

One comment on “What A 2 Years It’s Been!

  1. I am so proud of you Julie. I will definitely be supporting you in your efforts! LYB

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