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“Spring Into Street Food” Extends to “Summer Of Street Food”

Lucky lucky downtown!!!!

Starting back in March as “Spring Into Street Food,” the Nashville Food Truck Association brought the bevy of food truck lineups to downtown every other Thursday.  Events have gone so well, that “Spring Into Street Food” is now extending to “Summer of Street Food!”

June 12th and 27th

July 10th and 24th

August 7th and 21st

11 AM – 2 PM

Deaderick Street From 3rd/4th Avenues

Each date will have a variety of trucks.  Nearly 20 trucks will be on hand each date!!!!!  The line ups will change, but there’s a minimum of 31 different trucks that will be involved throughout the summer!

So if on these dates you can take a long lunch and head downtown to Nashville, or if you live or work in downtown Nashville, go ahead and pencil in the dates above.

Couple of tips to help you out:

Make sure to grab a group of friends. If you have someone with similar tastes as you, you can split food and then order from more trucks and get more food!!!!!

ALWAYS SAVE ROOM FOR DESSERT!  Or, grab some dessert for later when you are back at your desk!!!

While the trucks do accept all the major plastic, carrying cash can help speed up the lines.

If you are gonna take food back to your office, I suggest grabbing one of your reuseable grocery sacks.  It will help you carry lots of food without the juggling!!!!!

This will also be a great opportunity for you to check out some of the many trucks that are featured in our upcoming book, Nashville Food Trucks: Stories & Recipes from the Road!!!  The book comes out in 2 weeks on June 17th!  So you will have a healthy dose of dates to check out the trucks from the book!!!

I might myself have to take a long lunch to head downtown for one of these dates! I do love me a good food truck frenzy!!!!!!

Remember! Always try something new!  And I’ll see you at the trucks!!!

-FTJ Julie

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