Some Things We Are Working On…

Here are a few upcoming items I’m working working:

  • We recently took a trip to Chattanooga and visited Famous Nater’s food truck.  When you look at the food truck scene here in Nashville and how it has evolved and grown in 2 years, the difference versus the growth of the scene in Chattanooga is substantial!  I’ll discuss a little about that as well as our experience at the Famous Nater’s truck in Chattanooga and the best spot to find the trucks!
  • We love fellow food truck bloggers!  There is a food truck blogger out there who blogs from a different perspective than I do.  He aims his blog and podcast at the food truck owner more than the consumer.  So I’d love to give him a shout out as well as a look at some of the great food bloggers here in Nashville.
  • OUR BOOK!  The book launch is less than 2 weeks away at Parnassus!  I’m excited and nervous and cannot wait to see you all out!  We will have food truck samples from Biscuit Love, Doughworks, The Rolling Feast, and Moovers & Shakers!!

One last thing, we want to thank Nashville Lifestyles (Taylor Pittman) and The Murfreesboro Post (Travis Swann) for their reviews and write ups.  We are in the July issue of Nashville Lifestyles!  So we hope you will pick that up!  And CLICK HERE for the awesome write up by Travis!  Thank you again!!!!

We cannot wait for you to see and read and cook from the book!  But more than that…I’ll see you all at the trucks!!!

-FTJ Julie

3 comments on “Some Things We Are Working On…

  1. Planning on coming to the pirate rum festival in hermitage. Do you know what food trucks will be there?

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