All The Thanks!!!

Minus a little nervousness, the book launch at Parnassus Books in Green Hills was a complete success!!!

To everyone who came out: You totally made my day.  Getting to talk food trucks with you was such an incredible highlight!  You all had some great questions and I could have gone on for hours honestly!!!  I hope you all are enjoying the book and are already making plans to stalk some food trucks you haven’t tried before!!!!

To Biscuit Love, Moovers & Shakers, & The Rolling Feast: I thank you so much for taking the time to prepare samples for everyone to try!  On a Saturday in the summer which is prime food truck time, that you were at Parnassus instead of having the windows up, I just cannot express enough gratitude and appreciation!!!

To Pita Pit: Even though your truck was out at the Dave Macon Days, you still worked it out to be present at the book launch.  I CANNOT tell you how much that meant to me.  Plus, it was pretty great to get to meet your little man and future Pita Pit Master!!

To the staff at Parnassus Books: Despite it being my first rodeo, this definitely was not yours.  Thank you for putting up with a stressed out first timer.  You made the whole process not only enjoyable, but easy.  Your shop is just beautiful and Bear was not only a great shop dog, but a wonderful “stress therapy” dog as well!!!  While I know you all enjoyed the samples as well, Thank you for allowing me to take space and time for the event.  Nashville is so extremely lucky to have you!!!  And I feel blessed to be on your shelves!!!

Again, I want to thank the food truck community for your amazing food that has inspired this blog and now the book.

Tomorrow, I’m going to bring you a little bit about a fellow food truck blogger who does things much differently than I do and I think it’s pretty cool!!!!  And later this week, I’m going to bring you a little more about the awesome food from Pita Pit!!!

So, stay tuned!!!!

-FTJ Julie

2 comments on “All The Thanks!!!

  1. Congratulations on your book launch.

    Business Card 2-27-13 (2)

  2. I wanted to be there and could not make it. I am soooooooo proud of and for you. Enjoy all life has to offer!

    Love your bones!

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