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Time for a Little Hiatus

This year has been such a blessing!  The release of our book, Nashville Food Trucks:Stories & Recipes from the Road, has been so exciting and so fulfilling and so well received.  I could not have ever imagined!

While Jim and I will still be making regular visits to the food trucks, I am entering my super busy season at my day job aka “The Place That Pays The Bills.”  So for the next few months, I am going to be taking a step back from the blogging duties to focus on the day job.

For location information, there are many more resources now than when I started my blog.  Which I am beyond pleased to see.  ToGoOrder.com, Roaming Hunger, and probably the best spot is the Nashville Food Truck Association app through your iPhone or Android device.

I enjoy blogging and talking food trucks.  And I will be back.  I just need a few moments to catch my breath from this whirlwind year, focus on the busy season at my day job, and get reinvigorated with more new food trucks!

We hope to still bump into you at the trucks!  And if you don’t already have a copy of our book, there are so many awesome places around town that you can find the book: Parnassus, White’s Mercantile, Whole Foods, Pangaea, The Rolling Feast Food Truck, East Side Story, among the few that I know of.  The recipes are worth getting the book!  From Biscuit Love’s Family Reserve Biscuit to The Rolling Feast’s Spicy Tortilla Soup to Delta Bound’s Caramel Sauce, the book is complete with goodness that you can make at home!

We can’t wait to be back, we just need a quick minute to get through our “day job busy season dolldrums!”

See you soon!

-FTJ Julie

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