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It’s Goodbye, But Also Not Goodbye

Since I started this blog in 2012, I’ve met so many great people and had so many wonderful meals.  I’ve had the opportunity to write a book.  And I’ve been able to participate in many great events such as the Nashville Street Food Awards.  We even took home a “Best Food Truck Blog” award.

I did this blog as a side project.  An outlet for my creative side.  This was never a money making venture.  As time has gone on, unfortunately, responsibilities at my paying day job have kept me buried under paperwork and with little time for blogging.  I also do not have the time during the day to hit the trucks like I used to, even on the weekends.  There are fewer events on the side of town I live/work on during the weekdays.  I just could not and cannot afford the time away from the office.

So it is a long time coming since I know that I have not blogged in quite some time that I officially announce the end of NashvilleFoodTruckJunkie.com.  My headline says “It’s Goodbye, But Also Not Goodbye.”  The reason for that is I still love food trucks and I still visit food trucks when I can even on out of town travels, I just will not be blogging about it.

The Nashville Food Truck Association has an app that shows the locations for most of the active trucks on the roads.  And trucks that aren’t in the NFTA should have a good social media presence so that you can easily find their schedule.  If they don’t, you probably don’t want to eat there anyways!

It’s goodbye to the blog.  But it is not goodbye to my love of food and food trucks.  But like many trucks are evolving from truck to brick & mortar, I am evolving as well.  I never wanted the blog to feel like an obligation.  And towards the middle to end of last year, I was running around busy between promoting the book and keeping up with my paying day job.  It started to make visits to the trucks harder to happen.  It is hard to keep up a food truck blog when you can’t make it to the food trucks to blog about them.  The last few months I’ve not blogged about the times I’ve been to the trucks.  And I have been a number of times.  I wanted to see how I felt about my truck experiences without the requirement to blog about it.  And while a part of me missed writing about what I was eating, a bigger part of me enjoyed the food truck experience much more without having to critique every little thing about my experience.

I have appreciated every person I have met over the years.  I have appreciated all of the friendships that I have created with other bloggers and so many of the food truck owners.  This is what is making this difficult for me to say goodbye to the blog.  It was able to bring me into a community in Nashville, that many people see from the outside and do not get to enjoy from the inside.

There are so many great food blogs and food truck blogs out there.  You won’t have any problem finding a replacement blog to discover new trucks in the area.  The Bites Blog is always a top source for all things foodie.  The Bites Blog’s Lesley Lassiter and Chris Chamberlain are two of the people whom I have had the pleasure of meeting because of this blog.

I am sorry to those who will be disappointed that this is ending.  Sometimes things are not meant to be lifelong.  It’s been a wonderful run.

And I thank you to all!  From the bottom of my heart, this has changed my life and I will be forever grateful!

I’ll end this in the way I always make my mantra when I visit the trucks and the way I always tried to end each and every blog post —> Make sure to always try something new!  And I’ll see you at the trucks!!!


One comment on “It’s Goodbye, But Also Not Goodbye

  1. you blessed us all with your continued support! Much much love… and I’ll see you in the Gulch! 😉

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