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I am a “thirty something” accountant who absolutely loves all things food especially bacon, burgers, and breakfast.  However, I have a great negative disposition when it comes to pickles, ketchup, and mustard.  I recently got into the cupcaking craze, but have no plans to go into the cupcaking business.  I just like to make a single batch of cupcakes and icing from scratch to share with anyone who will try them (including some of the food trucks!).  And in the last year, I’ve slowly started transitioning into a craft beer snob (Lagunitas Censored and French Broad Gateway Kolsch being a few of my favorites!)

I have no culinary training other than extensive experience eating other people’s culinary training.  So my reviews on the food are going to be excessively amateur (and more fan-sided).  There are things that I do not like to eat, but there are definitely more things that I DO love to eat.  I have eaten out quite a bit, so my reviews on the experience will be a little less amateur, but still amateur.  And in the instances of foods that I may not care for, I’ll make sure to have a guest reviewer present!

I started falling in love with food trucks watching Eat St. on Cooking Channel.  And I was so jealous of LA, New York, Portland, and all the cities they featured.  I wondered where was Nashville!?  Then seemingly overnight a few trucks started to gain some attention here in Nashville.  Mas Tacos, Grilled Cheeserie, and Riffs.  And since then, Nashville has boomed with food trucks in the last  few years.  It seems like a new one pops up each week!  And I have my definite favorites.  And I can’t wait to share them with everyone!  And with as much time as Eat St filming has been here in Nashville recently, it definitely appears as though our wonderful city is finally getting it’s due!

One small note: I am NOT affiliated with any food truck or food truck group of any kind although I am friends with many of the food truck owners (now).

The exciting thing is the June 17, 2014 release of my first book, Nashville Food Truck: Stories and Recipes from the Road.  This book not only has some recipes from the trucks, but it has behind the scenes stories of the truck owners as well as a few tips for anyone who might be thinking of starting their own food truck.  You can order a copy of your very own by visiting The History Press, Amazon.com, or Barnes and Noble.  We will also have some upcoming book signing events in June, July, and August as well!  If you would like to schedule a signing, you can email Sarah Falter at sarah.falter@historypress.net or you can email me at julie@nashvillefoodtruckjunkie.com!

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  1. Hey. I just bookmarked your site. I too am a FTJ. Can you add our Food Truck Fridays to your location page? Right in front of the channel 5 studios at 474 James Robertson Parkway Nashville, TN 37219 , from 11:00am to 2:00pm, we have a different food truck every Friday. I usually don’t find out about which truck it actualy is until Thursday (the day before around lunch time), but as soon as I know, I can email you which truck it’s going to be if you’ll be so kind to post it on your site. Now usually, I USUALLY don’t know which truck it’s going to be until the day before, but this is the 1 exception…On August 31, we will have Hoss’ Loaded Burgers from11:00 – 2:00. Love your site.


  2. Hey Julie, GRUBBIN in the GULCH is back in full swing starting June 5th. Here is the lineup & July’s schedule will be coming soon.

    JUNE 5th YaYo’s OMG & Pappy’s Mobile Cafe w/ Bradley’s Curbside Creamery*

    June 12th Just Like Nannie Fixed It & Pazze Italiano w/ **Retro Sno

    June 19th The Mobile Chef & Sum Yum Yum w/ Bradley’s Curbside Creamery*

    June 26th Jonbalaya & Wrapper’s Delight w/ Dixie Belles Cupcakes

    JULY 3rd Sum Yum Yum & Smokin’ Thighs w/ Moovers & Shakers«««««

    July 10th Wrapper’s Delight & Pazze Italiano w/ **Retro Sno

    July 17th Just Like Nannie Fixed It & Pappy’s Mobile Cafe w/Loco Donuts

    July 24th Wrapper’s Delight & Waffle Boss w/ Moovers & Shakers««««

    July 31st Pazze Italiano & Jonbalaya w/ **Retro Sno

  3. Does anyone know where I can find a food truck commissary taking new vendors, located in Davidson or Williamson County?

  4. Greetings to Nashville Food Truck Junkie Julie,

    You are Special are we are excited to let you know that several Nashville trucks were featured in the current issue of the NashVegas Insider at http://nashvegasinsider.com/food-trucks-nashville.html.

    Feel free to link this article!

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  5. Hi Julie–
    I’m a development producer for a TV production company and would love to ask you a few questions, but I can’t find a contact for you on this site. Shoot me a line at loveusacasting@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you ASAP

  6. […] A blog run by Nashville Food Truck lover Julie. Julie’s blog celebrates the Nashville food truck community. I am looking forward to staying […]

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