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Tips and Sage Advice

  • Loyalty Programs and Cards – If it is your first time to the Food Truck, ask them if they have any loyalty programs!  Hoss’ Loaded Burgers has a Loyalty Card. Buy 9 burgers, get the 10th one free.  If you go with friends and family, you can get several punches in one visit!  So far in Nashville, Hoss’ is the only truck we know with a loyalty program.  I personally am nearing my free burger!  If you all come across other food trucks with loyalty programs, please let us know!  Or if you are a food truck, let us know!  We would like to have a new page just advertising your loyalty programs and any discounts or specials you have!
  • Go With Friends! – When deciding to go to a Food Truck Frenzy or an event where several food trucks are going to be present, make sure to organize a group.  And not just any group, but a group of friends that you can share food with.  This way you all can share items from several different trucks and get a variety of good eats instead of just having to limit yourself to one truck, one meal.  It’s the best way to get lots of good eats from several trucks in one visit without breaking the bank or the belly!!!!
  • Carry some Wet Ones! – Food trucks can be messy.  They are called Street Eats for a reason.  Most times you are going to eat them standing up while juggling a purse or drink or both, and you can go through the napkins they provide very quickly.  More quickly depending on if you have a burger/sandwich/bbq vs something you would eat with a utensil.  And since these are Street Eats and there are normally no restrooms around to wash your hands, a great cheap thing to do?  Keep some individually wrapped wet toilettes in your wallet, purse, or glove compartment!  You can buy a big ole box of individual wrapped wet toilettes at Target for around 2-4 dollars depending on how many are in the box.  OR, if you go to a place like Hooters or Famous Daves or anywhere serving wings, they always give you a few too many wet toilette packs.  Just take the extras and save them for your Street Eats!  Then when you are done eating, clean sanitary hands!!!
  • Tailgate! – Is the Food Truck Frenzy event happening in a parking lot?  Yes?  Then tailgate!  Pack up your tailgate chairs and any fold out tables if ya got em!  Invite your friends and make it a fun time!!!  Heck, bring your cornhole set!  (Yes, this recently happened at the Hermitage Food Truck Frenzy on Wednesdays!).  When the sun is out, the only question with the tailgate is, which way do I park the truck!  So when you pop the trunk it can provide some shade!  Tailgating the Food Truck Frenzy also allows you the comfort of sitting and eating!
  • Download the app “Square” – It’s a free app, so why wouldn’t you?!  Many of the food trucks have “square” available as a payment option.  If the truck accepts Square, you will notice the logo by credit cards accepted.  Basically, you download the free app to your iPhone or Android.  You setup your account tying it to a credit card.  Then when you go to the Food Truck event, ensure that your location/GPS is on.  The food trucks close by should pop up with a button next to them saying “Open Tab”.  Open the tab on your phone.  Walk up to the food truck and order.  Then say, “I have Square.  Put it on my Tab.”  They should see you pop up on their screen inside the truck.  Then without having to fidget with your wallet or purse, it will charge your card and automatically send you a receipt of the transaction.  So convenient!  When you are on the street, you don’t want to hassle with getting out cash or card.  This makes it so nice!  Hopefully, more food trucks will start to offer this!
  • More Hints and Tips to come…  If you have one for us!  Let us know!!!

One comment on “Tips and Sage Advice

  1. Omg I had waffle boss today the chicken and waffle fries and a birthday cake waffle with cream cheese icing. Omg you guys rock it was best I ever ate .

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